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Dollywood Amusement & Theme Park

Chances are, when you think of East Tennessee, you think of Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton is a public figure, known for her philanthropic generosity and highly awarded country music career. She was born and raised in the East Tennessee area and has always held much pride in her homeland. Dolly Parton founded Dollywood in 1961, an amusement and theme park in the Sevierville area. Dollywood is a highly acclaimed theme park in the country, and it brings millions of people to the area each year.


Dollywood is a tribute to the mountain heritage, culture, and history of the Smoky Mountains. Most of the original attraction areas focus on the history and culture of the southern Appalachian region, Dolly Parton’s home.

You’ll notice eight of the 11 different themed areas — Showstreet, Timber Canyon, Wilderness Pass, Rivertown Junction, Craftsman’s Valley, The Village, Country Fair and Jukebox Junction — depict the various historical eras and culture of East Tennessee.

Dollywood is truly great for park-goers of all ages — you’ll families with young children, teenagers, and many grandparents during your visit. You will notice that the park is very accessible and you can rent electric scooters on site. That said, the terrain at the park can be a little hilly, but there’s ample shade and places to rest and chill out in the air conditioning.

Dollywood is committed to providing an enjoyable and safe experience for all of its guests and even offers a “calming room” for guests who may be experiencing sensory overload. That feature made Dollywood the first autism-friendly amusement park in the world.



Dollywood is known for its state-of-the-art rollercoasters and rides, and Dollywood is always being updated to include new rollercoasters and rides to make every year better. In addition to all the classic amusement park rides — bumper cars, carousels, giant swings, twisty teacups, and more, Dollywood is proud to have something for everyone. Here’s a glimpse at a few of its more popular rides.

FireChaser Express: This roller coaster opened in 2014 and holds the title for the first dual-launch family coaster in the nation, flying guests forward and backward for a truly unique experience.

Lightning Rod: This ride holds the title for the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, hitting speeds up to 73 miles per hour. The Lightning Rod may not be great for everyone, but it is a true starter rollercoaster for anyone wanting to build their way up to the bigger ones.

Tennessee Tornado: This triple spiral-looping coaster takes riders through an actual mountain at speeds close to 70 miles per hour.

Wild Eagle: On America’s first wing roller coaster, riders feel like they’re flying over the Smoky Mountains. As opposed to a typical roller coaster that has cars on a track, this ride seats riders on either side so there’s nothing but air above and below!

Blazing Fury: This indoor roller coaster is a little deceiving. It’s all indoors so you can’t actually see what the ride looks like. A fun ride for grown-ups, not so much for little ones.

Dragonflier: The newest addition to the park, this family-friendly roller coaster featured within the Wildwood Grove area mimics the flight of a Smoky Mountain dragonfly and is always a true fan-favorite. It’s just twisty and exhilarating enough without making you fear for your life.

If you’re not so much into the rollercoaster aspect of Dollywood, no worries! Dollywood features a 19th-century steam engine that can take you from one end of the park to the other! It actually was chugging around way before Dollywood was ever around! It is highly recommended to take a ride during the fall months to admire the beautiful foliage of the Smoky Mountains. Just be careful, since it runs on real coal-burning engines and the smoke and soot could get on your clothes.  Of course, this theme park wouldn’t be complete without the shrine of Dolly Parton that she deserves. Chasing Rainbows, located within the “Adventures in Imagination” portion of the park, is a tribute to the decades-long career of Dolly and her accomplishments. Visitors can admire the lavish costumes and gowns from many of her movies and red carpet appearances, as well as an entire case containing the plethora of awards she’s won throughout her career (and plaques commemorating gold and platinum records). This is absolutely a must-visit for any true Dolly fan and a popular highlight of the park for visitors of all ages.

Planning Your Next Trip To Dollywood?

Dollywood is located at 2700 Dollywood Parks Blvd, Pigeon Forge, TN which is just a few short miles drive from our cabins! If you’re looking for lodging for your upcoming trip to Dollywood, be sure to check out availabilities at Great Smoky Mountains Cabin Rentals!