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Top Gatlinburg Travel Tips

Making your way to Gatlinburg is always a delight. That said, having a few helpful travel tips up your sleeve can work to make the experience that much better! The following are just a few Gatlinburg travel tips to consider before you head this way.

Consider Spring for Wildflower Photography

For all of the high travel season fun to be found in Gatlinburg, those who prefer a slower pace and milder temperatures will find that spring might just be their ideal time to head this way. Far removed from the bustling crowds of summer, spring in Gatlinburg is a great time to grab the camera and capture the explosion of new wildflowers on film!

Book an October Trip for Sensational Fall Foliage

If you’re an adventurer with a passion for experiencing the best of fall foliage destinations, then Gatlinburg in October promises to thrill. This is the peak time of year for the area’s many trees to come to life in color and a fall foliage journey this way won’t disappoint. Grab the camera and your jacket and enjoy a trip that you’ll be thinking of long after you’ve returned home.

Elevation Impacts Weather so Pack in Layers

Gatlinburg’s elevation should be taken into consideration when packing for your trip. The weather here tends to fluctuate rather unexpectedly, so including layers in your plans is always a good idea. It never hurts to have that extra raincoat when you know you’ll be out and about exploring the best of Gatlinburg every moment of your stay.

Pack Your Hiking Boots

While downtown Gatlinburg is brimming over with exciting shops and eateries to explore, getting out and exploring the great outdoors is half the fun when you’re in Gatlinburg. To that end, don’t forget to pack those hiking boots while you’re here. The scenery here is stunning and you’ll want to have the gear in hand to head out and make the most of all of those trails.

Bring Your Appetite

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a haven of potential for those who love to find their way through new places by following a trail of flavorful stops. In many ways, it’s a food lovers paradise with options to enjoy local goods as well as dishes inspired by far-flung destinations. Pick a new spot to try every day of your stay and don’t forget that Gatlinburg is bursting with savory breakfast stops too!

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