If you are planning on visiting the beautiful state of Tennessee, making room in your vacation itinerary for a stop at Dollywood is a must! What once began as a humble theme park dedicated to country music legend Dolly Parton has grown into one of the nation’s best theme parks! Here you’ll find a full theme park full of rides, attractions, and live entertainment, as well as a separate but adjacent water park dedicated to summer fun in the sun. Dollywood puts a Smoky Mountain twist on traditional theme parks. Enjoy country music, great southern food, and lots of Dolly-themed fun during your visit to Dollywood!

Rides and Attractions

Dollywood offers a variety of rides and attractions that are suitable for the whole family! Whether you are visiting with a Dolly Parton super fan, a thrill ride enthusiast, or bringing your kids along, you are sure to find an attraction that will delight everyone. If you are coming to Dollywood in search of Dolly-themed attractions, then consider heading to Dolly’s Mountain Tennessee Home or Dolly’s Home on Wheels. Dolly’s Mountain Tennessee Home is a replica of—you guessed it—Dolly’s childhood home growing up in the mountains of Tennessee. Enjoy this insider look into her upbringing with this fun attraction. Dolly’s Home on Wheels takes you through the long-serving tour bus where Dolly traveled throughout the US, bringing her amazing music to her fans everywhere.

For more thrills, there are plenty of rollercoaster type rides here that rival the excitement of other theme parks. The Barnstormer is a swinging pendulum ride that takes you over 80 feet in the air and reaches 45 miles per hour! The Mystery Mine coaster is themed to the history of Tennessee coal mining. This indoor and outdoor steel roller coaster takes you through an abandoned coal mine, leading to a breathtaking 85-foot, 95-degree drop in the darkness! The Smoky Mountain River Rampage is white water rafting adventure that offers a different experience with each ride. Open from April to September, this is a great summertime water ride.

Although there are lots of thrills, there are plenty of rides and attractions that keep little ones in mind. Black Bear Trail and the Amazing Flying Elephants are gentle rides that offer the perfect amount of fun. Little ones are also sure to enjoy Granny’s Garden, a playground area that lets kids get all their extra energy out!

Shows and Entertainment

Dolly Parton is known as an entertainment powerhouse, so it should be no surprise that Dollywood is filled with great shows and entertainment! Throughout the park, prepare to be serenaded by impromptu live shows from singing acapella groups, such as The Tones, and bands that play the authentic sounds of Smoky Mountain music, such as the Wild Roots Band. If you plan to visit during the holiday season, be sure to enjoy one of the many Christmas-themed shows that Dollywood offers with both contemporary and spiritual music.

Dollywood is also known for its amazing off-property dinner shows in Pigeon Forge. They offer two shows, Dolly Parton’s Stampede and Pirates Voyage. Dolly Parton’s Stampede features 32 horses and a cast full of expert riders who show off their Smoky Mountain rodeo skills in a show that is sure to impress. Pirates Voyage is a wild battle on full size pirate ships that will delight any pirate-loving onlooker. Whether in the park or at a dinner show, Dollywood knows how to keep their guests entertained!


As you might imagine, the food served up in Dollywood features fantastic southern cuisine. From southern classics like biscuits and fried chicken to classic state park fare such as funnel cakes and corn dogs, the food here is some of the best theme park food you’ll find anywhere. Although there are lots of fantastic places to eat here, be sure to make time to visit Aunt Granny’s Restaurant. Rated by USA Today as one of the top ten theme park restaurants in the country, Aunt Granny’s Restaurant is a must!

Dollywood Tickets and Pricing Information

Dollywood offers a variety of ticket options, so you can find the perfect tickets to match your adventure. They offer one-day, two-day, and three-day passes, with discounted ticket options for children under 10 and seniors. Like many theme park’s ticket pricing options, your dollar goes further the more days you purchase on your ticket! In addition to regular park admissions, Dollywood also offers dining passes and season passes that include admission to the water park: Dollywood’s Splash Country. Whether you only have time for one day in the parks or want to return again and again throughout the year, there is the perfect ticket option available!

Experience great rides, attractions, and entertainment while enjoying a unique Smoky Mountain atmosphere and a bit of country music history with a visit to Dollywood! Contact us to book a stay in Tennessee!