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The Best Gatlinburg Vacation Guide (for 2022)

It’s no secret that Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a top destination for travelers from near and far. In fact, the city welcomes millions of tourists to come and enjoy its scenic surroundings year after year. That makes planning a trip this way even more important when you’re hoping to reduce stress and instead, be able to simply focus on the fun. The following is a succinct Gatlinburg vacation guide to consider the next time your travel plans bring you to this beautiful city.

If You Don’t Like Crowds, Visit in the Off-Season

While Gatlinburg is undeniably a year-round vacation destination, those who are less fond of contending with crowds will find it’s well worth your time to plan a trip in the off-season. Summer in Gatlinburg is a bustling time of year when the temperatures rise and everyone in town seems to bring a vibrant sense of seizing the day fun with them! However, visitors will find that fall, more specifically, mid-September, is a great time to make the most of milder temperatures, fewer crowds and just as much access to fun. September is a great time of year as it falls right before fall foliage season which reaches its peak around October. It’s early enough that there’s typically no snow, and nice enough you’ll likely require minimal layering to be comfortable when you’re exploring the great outdoors. Many visitors also find that certain attractions and activities may be available at a lower price point during the off-season. This can be really helpful if you’re looking to make it a more budget-friendly adventure too.

Plan to Explore the Outdoors

Upon arrival in Gatlinburg, it’s easy to see why it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. While this destination has much to offer in the way of in-town fun and entertainment, it’s proximity to Great Smoky Mountains National Park makes it the perfect place for those who can’t wait to explore nature at its finest do exactly that. Back your boots and make sure to make time to visit this thrilling park while you’re in the area. Here, you’ll encounter spectacular terrain but can also enjoy wildlife viewing, hiking, mountain biking and more. From horseback riding tours and river rafting to ziplining over stunning landscapes, there’s something for every adventurer in Gatlinburg.

Book a Show or Two

For all of the scenery Gatlinburg offers up to visitors freely, it’s also a destination known for its incredible entertainment! Make sure to book a show or two in advance when you want to be sure you have a seat. From operas and comedy shows to acrobatics and dinner theater, Gatlinburg has it all.

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